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Packing for work travel
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If you find packing for work boring and you either pack too much or too little we are here to help.

  1. Efficient packing- minimise the items of clothing taking on a trip
  2. Helping to choose the right clothes for different events whilst on route.
  3. How to combine the same pair of shoes on two or three different outfits
  4. Mixing the right clothes together looking like you are wearing different clothes all the time
  5. Travelling with the right accessories and handbags

upon request

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  1. Finding the right colouring for you
  2. Learn how to put working outfits together that are right for your body shape and for your current or future job
  3. Helping you to mix different items of clothing to make sure that your outfits are varied and looks like you are wearing something different every day.
  4. How to accessorise work clothes correctly
  5. Guidance on where to find the right clothes for your style and budget.
  6. To teach you how to put outfits together that will take you from morning to evening.

upon request

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  1. All the essential package plus
  2. Shopping for a specific work capsule wardrobe
  3. Create complete outfits for different occasions i.e client meetings, general office wear, corporate hospitality, evening client functions.

This sessions will take place at your own home

I am happy to travel far, please look at my Traveling terms & conditions.